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This Web page is intended for dissemination of information on mental health and psychology related topics. The Web page primarily consists of indexing various available on-line sites, with acknowledgments cited for the sites indexed. This Web page will be updated from time to time.

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A comprehensive resource link to various subject matters in psychology and mental health with links to online resources, journals, books and research by Center for Psychological Resources from Ahtabasca University

Introduction to Psychology

These sites relate to basic ideas about what psychology is all about, what psychologists do, and mind-body relationships.

Physiological Psychology: Chapters from Dr. Boeree and Heffner Media Group Online Texts

These sites are primarily from Dr. Boreree's excellent online chapters on physiological psychology and brain behavior functions.

Sensations and Perceptions (Boeree)

Overview of Neuroscience

These sites relate to biological and physciological issues and brain-behavior development in early childhood.

Washington University Site